Our Play Areas

We have a variety of play areas in the pre-school which aim to stimulate and develop your children.

Our Play Areas

Role Play

A role-play corner which includes a kitchen, a shop and dressing up clothes is provided for the children to let their imaginations run free.

Book Corner

We have a comfortable book corner with bean bags and cushions stocked with a wide range of pre-school favourites which the staff enjoy reading with the children.

Messy Time

Aprons are provided for the children who wish to express their artistic side and make use of our range of arts and crafts materials. Paints and chalks are always available and each session we provide opportunities to experiment with shapes, colours and textures via collage or junk modelling activities. Experimenting with a wide range of materials, cutting, gluing and sticking develops a range of skills and is great fun too. Less messy drawing and colouring activities are also always made available.

Floor Toys

We have a variety of floor based toys including dolls houses, garages and cars, train sets etc which are always popular and allow the children to develop their social skills as they explore and learn to play together.

Outdoor Play

We are very lucky to have a large outdoor play area. Young children love physical play and being outdoors therefore we spend time outside during each session when they can play with balls, hoops, tricycles etc.


What Our Families are Saying

“Both of my children have been to Birch Hill Pre-School and I’m so pleased I chose this pre-school to take care of them in their early years. The staff are so experienced and feel like an extended family. They are super friendly, know your child’s needs and put them at ease. I will be so sad when my daughter leaves in July. It will be the end of an era.”