Policies & Procedures



We have a series of policies and procedures in place to ensure the pre-school runs safely, smoothly and fairly. We have compiled these documents in our policies and procedures booklet a copy of which is on display on our notice board. If you would like a copy to take home please speak to a member of staff. The booklet includes our policies and procedures on:

Safeguarding Children

    • Children’s Rights and Entitlements – Download
    • Safeguarding Children and Child Protection – Download
    • Looked after Children – Download
    • Confidentiality and Client Access to Records – Download
    • Information Sharing – Download
    • Uncollected Child – Download
    • Missing Child – Download
    • Supervision of Children on Outings and Visits – Download
    • Maintaining Children’s Safety and Security on Premises – Download
    • Making a Complaint – Download

Equality of Opportunity

    • Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality – Download
    • Achieving positive behaviour – Download
    • Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs – Download

Promoting Health and Hygiene


    • Employment and Staffing – Download
    • Induction of Staff, Volunteers and Managers – Download
    • Student Placements – Download

Health & Safety

    • Risk Assessments – Download
    • Health and Safety General Standards – Download
    • Fire safety and emergency evacuation – Download
    • Recording and Reporting of Accidents and Incidents – Download
    • Food Hygiene – Download


Child Care Practice

    • The Role of the Key Person and Settling-in – Download


    • Parental Involvement – Download
    • Working in Partnership with other Agencies – Download

Record keeping